This is SkyBattle by JojoGlick in only one command! To get this module running in your world, In game type “/give @p command_block” and place it down. (I recommend using a void world if you want minimal lag). Copy the command by clicking button below which will take you to a paste bin in which you can copy it from there, do Ctrl+V to copy it into the command block, switch the block to always active and press done. I think the game play is probably just a little unbalanced but it is fun anyways. All the information you need for the game play is in the images above. If you are making a video on this please make sure give credit to me (JojoGlick) atleast once in the video and in the description, thankyou. This project is for 1.11.


YouTube trailer

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First published on Mar 30th, 2016

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