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Shrink Labs Co. has done some serious renovation and is proud to present the best map in the Shrink Parkour […]
Motor Course 2 is a parkour map where the player has to collect diamonds while on top moving cars on […]
For the first time ever, the Minecraft Basketball Association (unofficial) has been featured in Minecraft with 3rd person perspective gameplay. […]
In Motor Course (by JojoGlick/BrosephMC), one must jump across the moving cars on the highway. Step on checkpoints and collect […]
Shrink Parkour is back and better than ever! Since Shrink Parkour classic was such a hit, I made a second […]
Hello, this is More mechanisms in only two commands by JojoGlick! No mods or anything is needed for this project; just paste 2 […]
This is SkyBattle by JojoGlick in only one command! To get this module running in your world, In game type “/give @p command_block” and […]
This is Shrink Parkour by JojoGlick! In this map you will be put through and adventure consisting of parkour, shrinking and growing, some elytra flying, and collectible secrets. All […]